Folders Disappeared Overnight

I have been using the free version of EmClient for about a year.  I have been very happy with it despite some nuances and have managed to work my way through those.  I am set up as IMAP with several subfolders under the inbox and all has worked well.  Today, I logged on and find that I have NO subfolders under the inbox - only the inbox and folders that appear upon initial setup, e.g. SENT, TRASH, ARCHIVE, etc…  I have done nothing to cause this event.  All of my contacts are still there, as well as my rules and tasks.  All emails before 3/30/18 are gone because they have been stored in the subfolders that are now GONE.  The IMAP server shows all of my subfolders and emails but synchronizing doesn’t seem to recreate the subfolders on my computer.  I didn’t want to “repair” the inbox or “restore” my latest backup (10/11/18) until I checked here for guidance … any ideas why this happened and how to correct it would be appreciated!  Oh, and I’m using AOL as my mail provider; not that it should matter, I don’t think, because everything is still on their server.

With IMAP accounts the restore option is pointless because as soon as the restore is complete eM Client will replace what it has with what is on the server.

If the data is still on the server, then right-click and choosing Properties > Repair will delete the local cache and resync that folder with the server. But it might just be quicker for you to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again. That way you will get a fresh sync of all folders and messages that are on the server.

Thanks for the quick reply
With IMAP accounts the restore option is pointless because as soon as the restore is complete eM Client will replace what it has with what is on the server.”
I’m a bit confused … isn’t what’s on the server exactly what I want since all folders & emails are there?  I did try repair twice and it didn’t correct the problem.

With IMAP, the server is the primary storage, so it has priority. If you restore a previous backup, all those message will be in eM Client only until the first sync with the server. Then everything in eM Client will be replaced by what is on the server.

Therefore the restore is pointless except for restoring your eM Client settings, templates etc. Better you just remove the account from eM Client, then add it again.

Would it be more “foolproof” to “ADD” a new IMAP account and let it sync and, then, remove the old account … just to be safe?   I still do not understand why EmClient is not D/L the server folders when it syncs - they’re all on the server.

Yes, you can add the account again, so you have two instances. If you are using a Free License, you can only setup 2 email accounts, so that may be the only obstacle if you already have 2 setup.

It may be that there is some corruption in the message cache, so the best and recommended solution is still to remove the account from eM Client, then add it again.

I added a new IMAP account and made it the default and the only one active under send & receive but the result is identical.  The inbox and initial setup folders are D/L but none of my custom folders from the AOL server ??? 

I suggest you contact AOL Support and see if there is some issue with the account.

Thanks for trying.  I’ll contact them 


For your info, here is what AOL support wrote:

“Please note that at this time, AOL Mail does not support the sub-folder feature. Please access, and check if you have your sub-folders there.   What we can recommend at this point would be to create new folders using, moving the emails in the corrupted folders to the newly created folders, and deleting the corrupted folders.”

So, I created a new folder at AOL server named “test”, which immediately D/L to EmClient.  Then, I moved (2) emails (at AOL server) into this “test” folder.  These also D/L, immediately,  into the test folder.  I also renamed (on AOL server) another folder which also D/L onto my EmClient.  I was going to do a reinstall but figured I’d have to deal with “tasks”, “contacts”, etc. separately and figured that would be just as much work as what I did.  So, it seems that if I accomplish folder renaming on the AOL server, the folders, complete with emails will be D/L into EmClient.  This will be a laborious task but, at least, I can recover from this anomaly.  Do you have any idea what might have caused this to occur after a year of usage because I sure don’t?  I’m happy I am set up as IMAP or, I suppose, I would have lost all of my emails (short of any backup).


I am not sure. From their reply it seems that you should not have been able to access the folders before, but you did. Anyhow, glad there is some solution, even if it will take a while for you to rename everything. 

With POP3 you would not have had this problem, as the messages are downloaded and stored on the computer and not synced with the server. Usually POP3 also deletes the messages from the server after a few days. There are many pros and cons for both protocols, but if you are accessing your mail form more than one device then IMAP is definitely the way to go. 

Yeah, I’m not sure he entirely comprehended (or didn’t read my message carefully) what I said.  When I set up my email account with AOL, after Verizon abandoned its customers about a year ago, all of my email folders & subfolders from within Outlook2010 translated over to AOL BUT they were no longer categorized under the inbox.  They were listed as separate “parent” folders.  But that was OK because when the email D/Ls occurred, the messages were auto moved, by rules, to my “daughter” folders located under the inbox in Outlook, then later, EmClient.  But now, that hierarchy is gone … go figure