Folders are not being created when account imported from gmail

I normally use Outlook with my gmail account, but I cannot get my folders to appear in eMClient when importing from Outlook - auto method or by importing directly from gmail.
Soes anyone have any ideas what to do? Thanks.

They may have been imported to Local Folders, which are not visible. Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General, and select Show Local folders.
See if that makes a difference.

Thanks for your suggestion Gary. I have now imported the pst file from outlook and it has the folders. The only problem now is that all emails are in the inbox as well as copies in the local folders. Not sure what to do apart from deleting some these from the inbox, but I’m not sure what is already in the folders?

eM Client has a handy Deduplicator tool (Menu > Tools > Deduplicator) so you can use that to remove any duplicates, then combine the two Inboxes.

Thanks Gary, I will try that.