Folder not visible all of a sudden?

A few days ago I created a new folder in my account via emclient.  I created a few more sub-folders and moved some messages into those folders.

Now, today, the emclient refuses to see anything other than:
Junk E-Mail

Even though “sync” was successfull.

The folders and mail items ARE there (if you use the web client, it’s all there).

Any idea why it’s doing this?  I can’t seem to find any option to show/hide a folder (and I’m fairly certain I didn’t accidentally right-click and hide something).

Hi Kevin,
Could you please provide us with copy of eM Client log?
To copy logs go to Menu>Tools>Operations>Log and copy with Ctrl+A, paste to notepad, then send the file to [email protected].
Are there any error messages related to this and how exactly is your account configured?