Folder name length limit?

Hi, I am evaluating eM Client.

I have an issue though - There seems to be a limit to the amount of characters I can use to name a folder that I have created.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Hang on, I’ve just made an extremely long folder, with no issues. I will try and figure out why I am having trouble with particular ones and get back to you guys.

Hi, ok, if you experience any issues, make a comment to this topic so I can see it.

Thank you,

I think I sort of figured out what is going on: If I have an existing folder, and rename it - If the length of the folder name extends past a certain point, it just cuts it off.

However, creating a new folder allows it to be as long as I need it to be.

Not a serious issue, but if I need to rename those folders, I presume I may run into trouble.

Have those folders been created in your webmail? Or did you import them to eM Client?

Thank you,

Whatever the issue is, it’s not with eM Client, as there’s the same issue within my webmail access.

Thanks, all the best.

Hi, thank you for the followup.