Folder message count (even if read)

Is it possible to display the total message count for folders, even if messages are all read?

It would be useful, for example, in the categories folders (i’m using the beta but i think it would be applicable also to V7).
Maybe i tag some messages as “to be done”, and i want to see how many “to be done” messages are in the folder without selecting the folder itself.


The message total for a folder is in the title bar. You do have to click on that folder to see it though. In the following example there are 458 messages in the folder, 1 is unread.

Well yes, i see that the total count is visible in the title bar. But having many categorized folders it would be useful to get a glimpse to the total messages in each folder without selecting all of them sequentially, especially if those folders may change the count by acting on message tagging.
At a first glimpse, if i read all the messages, it looks like no folder contains message with some interest. But maybe the “to be evaded” folder contains something, and also the “see in more depth” folder and so on. I find myself continually switching between folders just to see if they contain something.

For example: why the “flagged” folder shows the message count? Is it an anomaly?

Yeah, I agree with that. It would be nice to show a folder count the same way as an unread count. :wink:

just piling on: it would be nice to see the total message count as well as an unread message count, the way you can in Thunderbird. IIRC in Outlook you can choose one or the other.

My apology if this is already being addressed. I’m just searching for the feature, and this was the 1st item that I found. Although I would assume that if you had implemented it you have noted here.

If I am allowed to dream in Technicolor:
unread/total message count
per folder / label …
… and I sure would like it in search folders as well as in ordinary folders. again IIRC Thunderbird can do that. the search folder counts may be not updated, but IMHO it’s better have stale counts that you can update. Especially if you could do something like graying out the stale counts if they are more than a day old.

and furthermore …

it would be nice to have role ups
the counts both within a folder/label
and within that folder and all subfolders/labels at a particular point in the hierarchy

( More than once I have seen that the message count in folder foo/bar is 0, so I didn’t go look into it, but it turned out that some subfolders foo/bar/bazz and foo/bar/biff had hundreds of messages, I had just forgotten that I had moved some of them into sub sub folders)

I know, eventually it becomes too many numbers to display nicely. perhaps subfolder rollup src2 much, or perhaps the most we can hope for is 2 or 3 numbers. again, note that in Thunderbird I regularly have 3 numbers next to every folder, unread/total/size. No, Thunderbird does not have subfolder rollups.

BTW I use such hierarchical rollup’s regularly in my day job analyzing data. When you get too many numbers for single row, 1st I might go to multiple rows, and 2nd I sometimes do a flyover that includes the numbers that are too numerous to fit in a single row. Or email such numbers might include
current folder
as well as total for all of these in subfolders

In Thunderbird I have frequently created search folders specifically to get qualifications like …&important, …&flaggeds, …&>1weekOld … for almost every folder that I care about.

BTW, if you ask why I’m bothering to use eMclient when I like Thunderbird so much … (1) Thunderbird doesn’t do highlighting of text within messages well, and (2) under Bert’s support for Gmail labels, while better than Outlook, is not as good as eMclient.


Yes, I would like this as well in emClient. Other email clients can do this well. I have sent this request to support as well.