Folder has disappeared

I have just discovered that one of my folders has disappeared with a lot of emails in it

Not much to go on… have you FULLY expanded your folder list to ensure it is not ‘hidden’ within?

Yes I have fully expanded my folder list

Do you see the folder when you log into your mail host’s web site?

No I don’t see it at all

If its not in any of your other folders or sub folders (via an accidently drag of the mouse), & not online via your webmail, then check in the mailbox “trash and/or spam folders” incase the folder has gone in one of those folders as sometimes happens.

If its not anywhere locally or online, there maybe another computer or device (in your house or at work) has been configured with your mail account, and someone might have deleted that folder. If you are certain there is no other devices configured with your mail account, reset your mailbox password.

Many thanks. I have just gone through all my folders and I have found it as a sub-folder of one of my other folders.

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