Folder display anomaly

I am trying to preserve screen real estate and wish to hide the duplicated folders listed under More
However even though folders have the hide option ticked they still appear. Am I missing something here?

Using latest v8 release, all folders that I have chosen to be ‘hidden’, stay ‘hidden’.

Thanks for that. In the upgrade to 8 (which I had done) all the folders and sub folders appeared under the More header under local folders and all were set to Hide. So the only way I could see them was to expand the More and all the “hidden” folders appeared.
After your confident prompt I adjusted the setting of the folders I wanted to see to Show and the problem was solved.
However I am stilled foxed as to why eM C needs duplication of the Inbox for instance under the More heading.
Cheers Dave

Not sure I understand… I am not seeing the duplication of the “inbox” under more…

There are two More… options. One for extra folders on your mail server and one for things on you hard drive. For the latter Show puts them above the More… and Hide hides them under the More tag.
If that is different to you perhaps I have created a problem for myself. My computer running Windows 7 and probably eM C 7 spat the dummy and turned its toes up. The replacement runs W10 and I installed eM C 8 then transferred my saved files across. That would only be a problem if the way the program stores files has changed.
Thanks for the follow up. I gather you are an early birdfrom your username.

Never thought of that meaning for the username … but I am an “earlybird” :smile:

Perhaps I misunderstood … I thought you said the inbox was showing above the MORE and within MORE.

Perhaps this explanation will help…

I have only 1 account, POP3 only, ~100 folders. I have set INBOX to “SHOW” (appears above the MORE) all the rest are set for “SHOW IF UNREAD” (will appear above MORE if unread). None of the folders will duplicate itself. When a folder has no unread messages it relocates itself to the MORE group (except for the INBOX which remains above the MORE.