Folder column

I am a new user of eM Client. I included a Folder column in the Mail view and was expecting it to display, for each entry, the name of the folder including each email. To my surprise I get “All Mail” regardless of the actual folder. 
Can anybody clarify this?

The strange thing is I don’t even have the option for a folder column on mine.  That being said, if you are using gmail, for instance, there is only one real “folder” and that is All Mail (actually, trash and junk are folders as well).  It then creates virtual folders based on categorization and they appear on the folder list.  However, there is still only one true folder, All Mail.

Hi Jay, you need to configure the View and add the Folder column…
I know that the folders are created based on Gmail labels, Outlook does the same, but the All Mail view shows me for each email the actual folder; this makes a big difference…