Flagging - When flagging an email, my view automatically jumps down to flagged mssgs. How do I stay in the unflagged section?

I use flagging for emails that I do not need to follow up and consequently I have the unflagged section on top and the flagged on in the buttom. I like to go through my emails and flag many in a row. However, whenever I flag an email it automatically jumps down to the flagged section, eventhough I want to stay in the unflagged section. How do I avoid that my view jumps down to the flagged section when I flag an email? 


Perhaps it would be better not to group / sort your emails by flags, but according to a date, for example, and to go through your flagged emails in the Flagged folder of your Smart folders. This way you wouldn’t need to jump up and down your inbox, and you’ll always have just your flagged emails in a single folder, at hand when needed.
You can also create a custom made Search folder that would display only unflagged emails. By marking an email as flagged in this folder, it will disappear from this folder without changing your view.