Flagged emails not the same between EM and Outlook

Just discovered eM client and like it so far. It’s connected to my Exchange 2016 server but the flagged emails are not at all the same as what’s shown in Outlook. For example, I have some 326 flagged emails in Outlook but eM client says I have 2,839. When I compare between the two lists, they’re not the same. The flagged emails shown in eM client go back to 2006 but Outlook only shows back to last year.

Any guidance?

Which one is correct, eM Client or MS Outlook?

I’m moving from Outlook to EM so Outlook is correct even though they’re pulling from the same Exchange server. OWA is consistent with eM however which makes even less sense. I’ve been working in Outlook forever and rely on my list of flagged items in Outlook.

Any suggestions? I’d really like to move to eM but it would take days to resolve this.

Thanks for the reply!

In Outlook, I looked at an email flagged in OWA but not in Outlook and that email doesn’t show the same flag in Outlook that the rest of my flagged items show. This one shows a much smaller flag over what appears to be an icon of a human head and shoulder whereas the other flags are full size flags. Opening the email with small flag in outlook, there’s a small i icon with “Follow up.” text to it’s right.

So there’s at least two types of flags and Outlook only sees one and OWA/eM see both/all. Now I just need to figure out how to search for the latter type and clear those flags. My efforts so far have failed. This clearly is not an eM issue but I’ll still appreciate any help!