Flag Topic For Moderator

Is there any means of flagging a topic for the attention of the Moderators? I and others seem to be groping around in the dark looking for help with basic things such as initial set up and not getting any where. It’s no good announcing a new upcoming version of eM client if the existing version cannot perform the basic tasks it was designed for. As Ed has said,  We need basic documentation covering at least initial set up.  As things stand the automated import of email accounts and their set up simply doesn’t work. Whatever the settings are that have been set up seem to be entirely spurious. I have tried to set up an Outlook.com mail account - surely one of if not the most common accounts. First of all eM client was looking for my messsages on a mobile hotmail server that I have never used. I changed that to Outlook.live.com which at least found my incoming messages but now I find I cannot send anything. Help please!

Hello Martin,
there is a basic documentation available through Help> Contents menu or by pressing F1 inside eM Client.
Set up infromation for the common mail providers is also available at our website here.

The Microsoft account set up is a known issue at the moment though. Microsoft has discontinued support of AirSync protocol for its mail accounts and while we adapted to the change in the new version of our program (eM Client 7, in BETA testing), the current version cannot be changed in this way, as the automatic setup will be always pointed to the airsync hotmail server. You will need to set up your mail manually as IMAP or Exchange (if your account has been migrated to this option). To set up account manually go to Tools>Accounts and when setting up a new account choose Exchange or Mail>Other for manual IMAP set up (Incoming server for IMAP is imap-mail.outlook.com , outgoing SMTP server is smtp-mail.outlook.com ).
Sorry for the inconvenience.