Fix Contacts list

While I like the contacts list it has some issues.

My first note is just a minor bug (I think) but the tabs reset to default every time i restart the client, the set defaults button just reverts it to the default configuration.

Now on to the important part.
You should be able to merge contacts across services, you should be able to have one contact file per person that is synced across all services. For example i have a person on Skype, G mail, and Facebook; I would merge them and all important info would be filled in under one contact file, from there sync things that a service supports (like G mail supports phone numbers) to the services.

I think you second suggestion is a great idea! I currently have two Google accounts set up in eM Client, and they both have the same contacts. It would be great to have eM Client keep each contact synchronised across accounts.

Not only a great idea. It’s something essential.

This would be a great feature that will help a lot with contact management.

I would love to see this implemented.

You can add multiple emails/cell numbers and/or IM accounts under one contact. Is that what you want to know?