Fitted SSD and EmClient pro wont now reactivate.

HI. After fitting a solid state hard drive to my laptop, and reinstalling Windows on it, EmClient now tells me that my license has exceded its maximum ammount of activativated installations. It’s the paid for version and was licensed for two computers and has always worked flawlessly.  I still have the same two computers. What can I do? Help please. Thank you.

You will need to deactivate the license on your old computer.  To do it locally will require you to boot from your old drive, then go to menu/help/license and click on “Deactivate”.  

If you can’t access your old drive, you can deactivate your old PC by going to the eM Client License manager at

You should have received the login information with your paid license.

Thank you for your help.  I have now done that and it works again.  Thanks again.  John