first install says demo period over...

wrong file downloaded? something weird … i downloaded the setup file at work today from the website after a referral from CNET.

it installed rather quickly i thought with very few “migration options” but i was busy with work. and then about a minute into the setup process a popup said that the demo time was over and that i would have to sign up.

i didnt have time to deal with it so i just signed on for the free account on the web … but now at home i have downloaded the file and am seeing a very different experience. (migration options, etc)

so dont know what happened - but is there any way to go backwards on my office pc? if i uninstall will i get the 30 day demo ?

or is that any difference between the 30 day demo and after the 30 days?


where did you download the application? Can you please download it from our official website?
There is 30days trial period and after that you either have to purchase a license or register for a free license.

Is it maybe possible somebody else on the computer you’re using at work already downloaded the application before you did?

Thank you,