First day of week in Calendar Date Picker

I have set the first day of the week to Sunday (North American guy here!)

When I edit a Calendar item and use the “Date Picker”, the small monthly calendar that pops up to select from has Monday as the first day of the week. It has lead to some confusion from time to time. Is there a way to have the same first day of the week in both the calendar and the date picker? I have checked over all the settings and searched the forum and could not find anything about this.

When I edit an event, the popup up calendars for start and end always begin the week with Sunday, even when “First day of week” in Settings / Calendar / General is set so any other day.

I use eM Client version 6.0.24144.0.

Very interesting. I just tried setting the first day of the week to Monday. Whether it is set to Monday or Sunday the first day of the week in the pop up calendar is always Monday.

I too am using 6.0.24144.0. Using Windows 10, 64 bit.

OK, mystery solved. Upon seeing the previous note I wondered if there was not a system setting for the first day of the week that Em Client was using. Turns out there is a First Day of the Week system setting in Windows 10. It was set to Monday. I changed it to Sunday and the pop up date picker changed as well.

Thanks …

Ah ha! Good to know that a Windows system setting is part of the logic.