First calendar of a CalDAV-acount always named calendar

The first calendar of an CalDAV-acount gets alway named calendar
in eM-Client even if it has a different name.

Davical with eM-Client 3.0

Would it be possible to create CalDAV logs for us? Just go to Tools -> Settings -> Logs, check CalDAV and restart eM Client. Whenever it finishes synchronizing (you can click on the status bar to see more detailed progress) go to the same place in Settings and click Send logs. Thanks!

P.S. You will probably want to turn off the logs afterwards since it slows the program down and generates lot of data in the log files.

Thanks for the logs. I didn’t realize it before, but this is actually a feature. Currently we use localized name for the default calendar, which happens to be “Calendar” in English. The default calendar on the DAViCal server is determined from the “default calendar for scheduling” property as set on the server and according to the log it seems to work correctly.

But if the default calendar has a display-name,
why is eM Client not using it like for all the rest
of the calendars?
It should only be named calendar, if there is no
display-name assigned to the default calendar.