Find my e-mail password from eM Client in the logs

The eM Client saved the mail server passwort + the e-mail in the eM Client logs. There is no privacy, log files are always backed up (windows or recovery ect.). Changing the password is nonsense and other protection does not work because user are blocked.In the eM Client account the password is like ******, in the logs it is normal to read. Please answer in german. Thanks for a help.

That is interesting J.B. Which log file was it, and for which mail server?

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your message.

My incoming mail server is a IMAP Mailbox.

The File is: C: \ Users-PC \ Name/Administrator \ AppData \ Roaming \ eM Client \ Logs \ 2018-06-12_15-04-44 IMAP.log 

Here the screenshot (ca. 1254 × 792 Pixel)

When I saw my password in the log, I’m scared :slight_smile:
Maybe my security settings are wrong.
Please give me another feedback (is it a  error messages or is it not a problem).

Thanks for the help and for your infos.

I was also scared!!!

However, I enabled IMAP logs and checked but my username and password is not in the log. Maybe it is because we are using different servers or different security policies. If you go to Menu > Tools > Accounts (Menu > Extras > Konten) and in the IMAP tab for your account you should have the following settings:

Port: 993
Security policy: Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)


If yours are different, make a note of what they are, then change to the above. Restart eM Client, and check the IMAP log after a minute to see if it is different. 

You can also disable the IMAP log when you are finished, so there will not be any record. Go to the Diagnose tab for your account and deselect the IMAP log. 

Ich kann etwas Deutsch sprechen, aber es ist nicht gut genug, um technische Anweisungen zu geben. Es tut mir leid.

Just out of curiosity Judith, what version of eM Client are you using?  I know that prior to the 7.1 releases passwords were stored as plain text in the configuration files (I am not sure if the logs had a similar issue).  There was a lot of concern for this in 7.0 and it was fixed in 7.1.

I just checked this with eM Client 7.1.32845 on a server using an unsecured IMAP port 143. The username and password is visible in the log file as Judith indicated. Changing the port to 993 with the corresponding security policy resulted in the credentials not being displayed in the log.

Hi Gary and Jay,
I didn’t find the error. My provider could not help, too. 
Just reinstalled the client new and the protocol is now clean.
Search for three days, it’s enough now.
I will check the log tomorrow again.
I think it was a conflict in the system.
Thank you for your interest and quick help.
I was really happy about it.
Best regards

Everything OK. Am very happy with the eM Client and thanks again to the
friendly and helpful community. bb, Judith