filters not working when mail is read online in gmail and imported into emclient

As the title says, I have rules setup in emclient, they work fine, as long as I haven’t read the emails previously in gmail online, they bring the messages into emclient as already read so the filter doesn’t process the messages, very annoying indeed.
Also a way to run all filters at once (like Thunderbird) would be great.

My approach is to apply all filters I can at the gmail level using the web interface.  That way they run no matter what client you use and once they are setup, you never have to do it again, even if you change clients.

Good idea,  I might implement that going forward. Thunderbird would have no problems filtering regardless if the mail was read online or not, so I assume it will be an easy fix.


Still can’t believe this software has been out for 10 years and no-one has reported this as an issue.

It has been discussed, but it is not an issue, rather the intended functionality of Rules in eM Client. Rules only apply to new messages as they arrive. If a message has already been marked as read, it is not considered a new message.

I also read messages using other clients, so to solve the problem of eM Client not recognizing them as new, I do what Jay suggested. I have the filters set on my server.