Filters do not work proper on POP3 account

Two months ago I reported (by email) that rules are “leaking” - not always working for POP3 account.
Then after long time I received request for sending additional info and data.
And then, after another month, new version of beta was released… without fix!
Meanwhile nobody contact me with additional informations, questions etc.

Do you really want to made your program better? Or just want to release 10th version faster?

Everything (filters) works in 9th version.

Don’t want to start whole discussion here what is wrong, sending examples etc. Suffice it to say that my filters are designed in such a way that they apply to every message. Yet every day I see emails that are ignored by filters (mostly when I start eM Client). When I move these e-mails to a separate folder and execute “apply filters”, they (filters) works.

I don’t want to rush you, made fixes as fast as you can or want, but at least write some info back. I just don’t want to see “eM Client 10 final” without basic fixes.

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Version after version and no luck. I think you’re in too much of a hurry to officially release version 10 - no matter what.

I would really like to help, provide the relevant files (I already did), receive additional information and help improve the program. However, it is difficult because communication is basically one-way, there is no response and despite my sincere intentions, I do not have the impression that anyone is interested in fixing the bugs.

Someone might say that my case is unique - I receive a lot of emails from many accounts and I have very extensive filters. But that’s how programs should be tested - on difficult cases that highlight bugs, not on receiving two e-mails from Uncle Johnny and Aunt Jane once a week. If everything worked in eM Client version 9 (and it was working good), something must have changed (some “improvement” in receiving e-mails), which caused the filters to skip some messages.

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New info - filters WORKS for POP3 account except when emails are checked for POP3 account after program starts and triggers automatic emails check at start.