Filtering out/displaying all e-mails from certain sender

Hello, for example when i am seeing all e-mail in inbox i click one e-mail and read it.
Now i want to filter out the e-mail list and display only e-mails sent by this particular sender.
I do not see any quick way to do it.

I would expect it would work like this for example:

click some e-mail and in the header i see the sender e-mail and name. When i hover over it it display the bubble with the options to send e-mail, add to contacts. Maybe another option can be to “Display e-mails from this sender” while for simplicity listing e-mail from all folders including trash.

right click some e-mail in the list of e-mails and there is a menu option/s for the filtering like:
Display all e-mails from this sender (current folder)
Display all e-mails from this sender (all folders)
Display all e-mails with same tags