Filtering on GMail Addresses

As a GMail user, one of the techniques to identify who is selling your email address to spammers is to register on their web site using a modified email address. Specifically

Fred@gmail goes to register on, and uses [email protected] as his email address. When FreeStuff sends him an “click this link” email, it will arrive at Fred@gmail.

It strikes me, that it might be useful to be able to extract the extra identifier and perform rule actions with it. In this case we extract the value “freestuff” and move it into some-identifier.

“if some-identier == freestuff” move message to freestuff folder. Stop.

It is GMail specific, but might be useful to some customers.

So what is the identifier?

If it is in the message header, you can create a Rule that will perform an action on the message, with the option “with words found in the header”.