Filter view of Contacts by Category, can it be done?

I cant find a way to view Contact list per category, I have about 6 of them and it always shows all contacts, it makes a real mess to find what I need. any ideas? thank you

Unfortunately eM Client doesn’t offer this feature at the moment.

The workaround I can suggest is to create a sub-folder for the contact and create the sub-contact folder name via the categories you have. After you created the folder, moved the related contact by the categories. After all done, on the contact list via the sidebar where is shows “Folder: All Contact”, click on it, a pull down menu will show and you can select via per folder/sub-folder that you created.

Thank you, will give it a try.

It wont let me create a sub-folder. Message is operation not supported…
othertimes it says, a folder of this name already exists…which is correct in regards my online contacts, where I have a subfolder named “personal” but it doesnt show in eM

Hi, is this a non-local calender in Google? If so, eM Client does not support folder view for Google Contact. Creating sub-contact folder I’m referring to is also for local folder. I would advice move your Google Contact to local, unless you are syncing Google Contact with something else beside eM Client.

This won’t be a hassle in Gmail via web, since Gmail by default stores all address that you have replied to automatically. Unless your situation won’t allow this other wise. Worst case scenario you have to update your contact list manually in Google Contact and eM Client. Unfortunately at the moment there’s no better solution.

OK, I was trying to move out from Palm Desktop to the web, so as not to loose everything in case of broken pc. no way then, just another local folder replicating everything, not what I expected. thank you anyway.

You can sort your contacts by category by clicking at Category column name - it will divide contacts into expandable groups. In the next major version of eM Client (3.5) there will be the feature of custom contacts search folder available which can you use to divide to folders by categories also.

That re-arranging base on field. As state in original post, he doesn’t want to display all e-mail address. Which is view by filter, lacking in current version of eM, which is a headache if you have a huge contacts database.

When can we expect the new version? 3.1 is mention here and there which suppose to release very soon (like now…), and 3.5 suppose to be within few month… But it already 2-3 month past since mentioned… I want to buy the software, but as it now eM Client is excellent as a mail client, but sub-par as PIM. Version 3.5 sound if everything is promised, but it so long to wait… Any ETA on 3.5?

you are right, I dont feel like complaining about something that is free, but my idea of eM as a PIM started to wear thin, I do have hundreds contacts and cant find a way to manage this. Perhaps we need to give eM some time, they seem to be listening…

It does seems they are listening… guess we’ll just have to wait.

Regarding to the contact list, the method I mention above is the only workaround at the moment. Unfortunately it only works with local contacts. But you can effectively select the folder to view on the Sidebars’ contact or contact it self. I know what you mean, I’m receiving both work and personal e-mail, so I need to view by filter with my contact as well. Luckily I wasn’t dependent on Google Contact in the first place.

Current ETA on version 3.5 is approximately three weeks from now.