Filter Previously Read Messages When First Downloaded

This problem has been previously discussed here:… but that topic addresses several different issues, so thought this should be covered separately.

This is still not fixed in the latest update. I use gmail and have a number of rules in emC to file messages from different mailing lists into folders. If I read a message first on my phone or tablet, then later download it to emC, the rules do not process the message. Rules should process all messages when they are first downloaded, regardless of whether they have been previously read on another device or the gmail web interface.


Processing read emails is not possible.

Every email which has not been read is coming to all (not only eM Client) clients with flag “recent”, unfortunately this is removed when email is read anywhere and then synchronized as read to server.

eM Client is using this flag as recognition for rules that it has not been processed so rules can do their magic with said mail.

Unfortunately without this flag eM Client can’t tell if rules are already processed or not so it does not touch them otherwise it would cause infinite loop.


Wouldn’t it be possible to apply the rules based on whether the message had been previously downloaded to eM from the server, rather than using the Recent flag?

Sorry, this is not really possible.

hi there,

i think i have the same problem here. the emails which have been read on server/ gadget/ other computer are marked as read when i download in eM.

this is very confusing for me.

i have been using windows live mail. but found eM is much faster, good looking, etc. but this problem is making me want to go back to WLM. they can treat messages as UNREAD first time i download in my pc although the emails have been opened at some other gadget.

please, do something and i will make all my colleagues at office to use eM.

Hi, unfortunately it is not technically possible.