Filter messages sent via IMAP

Filters for sending messages via IMAP are not working. The same filter for sending messages via a different POP account works without difficulty.

Well, neither IMAP nor POP are used for sending messages. Those are receiving protocols.

By “filter” I assume you mean a Rule. Can you post a screenshot of the Rule please.

I mean to indicate that if the “from” address listed here corresponds to a Microsoft Exchange account accessed via IMAP, then the sent message is placed in the “Sent” folder of that Exchange account, but this rule is not completed successfully.

Can you try sent using account, rather than address.

That is actually what I tried before this, and it, too, does not work.

You may try moving the Rule to the top of the list and see if there is any difference.

I had issues with Rules before when applied to IMAP folders, so this could be the same thing. About all you can do is open a support ticket with eM Client if you have a Pro License. They won’t resolve it, but at least they may bring it to the attention of the developers.

The rule is already at the top. I will see if I can open a ticket. Thank you.