Filter folder facility for "Quick Move" folder feature required

Thunderbird and Gmail both have the ability, when moving an e-mail to a folder / sub-folder, to enter a partial name to filter the list of available folders allowing you to quickly move e-mails into folders without expanding / scrolling all available folders.

Thunderbird even allows this to filtering to happen across IMAP linked addresses.

This is a superb feature for those of us who feel the need to pop e-mails into folders rather than searching “all mail” or the equivalent.

This feature has been requested many times over the years but you don’t seem to feel the need to adopt it which is a shame as I’m sure it stops many from becoming emClient users.  It certainly stops my wife and I!

Hopefully, you’ll consider this at some point soon?

Kind regards, Marco.

I completely agree.  I want to standardize my business (and employees) with eM Client, but I have not forced it yet solely because of this feature.  

eM Client does allow using the first letter to jump to that folder, so it is almost there. :slight_smile:

Thanks Gary, almost there, but no cigar! ;O)

Seriously, it really does need a search / filter of folders based on a partial search name across all attached e-mail accounts.  Jump to 1st letter really isn’t anywhere near close enough.

The “Quick Folder Move” add-on in Thunderbird is what eM Client needs to be aiming for.  Even the Gmail “Move To:” would be a step in the right direction, although that doesn’t work across multiple accounts due to the nature of Gmail.

Is it even on the development / backlog list for eM Client?

Thanks in advance :O)

I am totally with you on this, that is why I voted. :slight_smile:

Hopefully eM Client will give some comment.

LOL… sorry Gary,  it’s been a long day / weekend;  I should read things more closely :O)

Thanks for the vote!

Come on eM Client… give us a clue here… is it on the horizon?

The lack of a “quick folder move” is a deal-breaker for our adoption of eM Client as well.  I too would like to see a some indication as to possible future plans for this feature.