"files as" vs "display as" contact

please can you tell me the difference between?

for me it looks like the same thing… and the translation of “file as” makes no sence in this content (in case it means both “display as”)

No difference, technicality difference. I’m not sure what German file are translated to, but for English it makes certain sense. Think of actual naming cards that you “file” in a cabinet…

The emclient seems to use the “display as” at the new email compose address row only and all other views uses the “file as” entry.
If the “file as” entry is empty, the company will placed for and not the “display as”.

Ahh, got it… You got some really hardcore stuff. Since non of my contact has anything under the ‘display as’ field, I never noticed this. I guess that something eM need to address. Guess it would be better to show ‘file as’ all the time. I think the purpose behind the the ‘display as’ is to let the user differentiate what that e-mail address is for, eg. work, private. I guess the name ‘display as’ is a bit misleading. Maybe it should be a rename field to change from the default “E-Mail/E-Mail 2/E-Mail 3”.

Since you bought up, I also notice some other design flaw. Adding a contact using automated function (non-manual input), will leave the ‘file as’ field empty. What the program should do is, either automate the filling ‘file as’ field or bring up the add contact window with the e-mail address and name filled in, but let the user to finalize.

;-)) I’m not alone - I’ve 20+ colleagues and they ask me all this every other day. I try to reproduce and foward to the forum and pray for an acceptable answer.

The mailclient isn’t the one and only - we have some programs more… and you can believe lots of impossible questions.

The “Display as” field is specifically tied to the email address and it’s used only for that. That’s why it’s in the “Emails” group box after all. There are some valid use cases where your internal name (eg. File as) may not necessarily match the one you want to use for outgoing emails to that person.

OK thanks!