File upload on forum

Is it just me, or has the ability to upload a file (e.g., screenshot) been removed from this forum?

As you see, I still can.

Then it’s just me.  OK, I’m an idiot. I just noticed that I can click on the camera icon, but I did not used to do it like this.

Guess I’m just another user that can’t handle change…

Just now I clicked first the paper-clip icon in the editing “bar” and then the camera icon. Both times, a small text-entry field appeared (“paste url”). What should appear when you click the camera icon is the label “Upload image,” plus a link (“Select a file from your computer”). The latter appears some of the time, but not all of the time. If all else fails, first click the paper-clip icon and then the camera icon. If need be, try several times.

(I think someone’s been tinkering with the forum software and the above is possibly a bug. Time was, if I pressed ENTER I’d get a new paragraph — new line with blank line above it. Now, if I press ENTER, I get only a new line and have to press ENTER twice if I want a blank line. Also, clicking the “show tags” button in the editing bar once displayed the line-break tags. Now, it doesn’t show any line breaks of any kind — tags or actual breaks. That also seems like a bug.)