File Contact As First Name followed by Last Name

Can I change the default new contact “file as…” field format to be {First Name} {Last Name}. In Australia we operate on a first name basis.

Not right now, i will add this request to our todo list.

This was mentioned 7 months ago, has it been addressed yet as i hate family name before first name.
I am a new Em user and slowly getting to like it but there are few things that are not ears to do that other software does easily.
Well done anyway and thanks.

Yeah, it would be nice to save as first name family name, and no it hasn’t been addressed yet. It would also be nice to import all my very old Outlook 97 stuff sitting on a different machine too, but EM doesn’t do that yet.

I love EM as all I want is a simple email client, and I’m not going to complain coz it does what I need for the right price. To be honest, I don’t have that many contacts anyway and the rubbish on my old PC probably should be deleted so for me it was simply a nice to have request.


When are you guys going to get this done???

It is already implemented in our internal builds. It will be out with the next major update (in a few weeks).

Seems like it would be relatively easy to implement. Without the option, the “file as” field strikes me as a liability in some cases, rather than an asset.

Thanks Michal.

Finally yippee.


Is it possible to change the full name field to {Last Name}, {First Name}?

In the beta of eM Client 3.5… it allows you to change the “File As” field to be Surname, Name; Name, Surname; Name Surname; Surname Name.

That’s just the “Save as”…
I wanted to change the “Full name” at the top of the contac details.

The CardDAv-Plugin from RoundCube is displaying this name
and it’ sorted by first name.

You mean it just the “File As”? Any case, different programs may have slight variant display. Some times you need to compromise. I haven’t use RoundCube, so I can’t say. But the original topic is referring to “File As” and they way it displays in eM. 3.5 rectified that. Guess you need to wait for one of the developers.