Few questions about features

This is my third try to switch to eM Client and I still miss few features that are crucial for work.

1. Possibility to edit received emails or add comment / notes to email.
People many times sends email without phone number, with some incomplete informations etc. For work with clients I need to have possibility to add that informations later, after phone call etc. Now I must using second program for notes about email and it’s not connected together.
Eudora has possibility of edit received emails and that was really useful! I found other topic here (7 years old) when someone asks for that feature. As I understand, it’s still not enough time?

2. Extract attachments while receiving
Like The Bat (worse) or Eudora (better way), eM Client should has possibility to detach attachments while receiving email. Sometimes clients sends email with important photo or image with (not a big surprise) attachment name like “Picture1.jpg” or “logo.png” and nothing else (almost blank email with no additional description, because some people have no time for writting proper emails). After few weeks (or years) it is difficult to find that attachment. If attachments can be automatically detach from email while receive, I can open attachments folder in filemanager, filter all files by extension and display as thumbnails - and then I can find any attachment very fast.

3. Search for attachment name
Ok, but I assume that 2. is too much for eM Client, so maybe search for attachment’s name? I asked for that years ago and it’s still “work in progress”. So even if my client sends me an email with descriptive attachment name (like “extra company abcd limited.jpg”) I cannot find that email, because somehow eM Client has now version 7 and still finding attachments name is impossible. This is shame.

4. Tabs!
Every browser has tabbed interface, why not eM Client? Why do I need separate window for new email or reply? Some companies already made tabbed interfaces for email clients, all browsers has tabbed interfaces, why not eM Client? Well, of course - I can use few seaparate windows. But guess what - you can open separate windows for every website you visit. Do you know anyone who browse internet like that? No, because it’s not 1995.

5. Customize keyboard actions
Not just few functions but full user actions - like for example assigning color and move email with one shortcut key.

Is any chance to implement any of these requests?

And other things while testing:

  1. I cannot start program with selected search folder open, only smart ones.

  2. I cannot copy columns configuration from/to search folders and smart folders.

  3. There is no “redirect” function (where I can send the same email with the same sender address to another person; almost all email clients have that). Also - there is no “send again” (with recipient address, bcc, cc etc.).

  4. Search folders don’t have unread emails counters.
    - 6 YEARS - https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/how_do_i_display_the_unread_count_in_a_search_folder

  5. Why I can’t choose installation folder when installing eM Client?
    - 2 YEARS - https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/how-to-change-the-installation-folder-to-another-partition

  6. Why search folders are not automatically updated when I change status of message (from unread to read for example in folder that should contains only unread messages)? Even discontinued Opera Mail have no problem with that. It’s not very bad, but there should be option somewhere to allow that.

Ad. 4 (tabs) - I’ve found two threads - 6 years old and 4 years old. I think i can find more. And as usual - “we’ll consider… next release” or just no answer.

Also would like the ability to edit received and sent emails please!

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your suggestions.

All of these features you suggest were already studied or considered as implementations. Unfortunately, we have a limited number of development sources and also a vision of how the app should look like and some of the feature requests are not compatible with it. 

We save all of the feature requests and evaluate them according to the number of votes when developing the new versions so it’s possible that some of the features were requested many years ago but just by couple of users. Then we gave priority to other features.

Point 1 - We plan adding the Notes tab to eM Client version 8.

To points 2,3 - We plan this feature (search and attachments download) for the upcoming version 8.

Point 6 - you should be able to set eM Client to open specific folder in Menu > Tools > Settings > General.


Point 6 - yes, but not in case when I want to start with one of “search folders”.

Point 2 - if you plan to do it, do it like Eudora, not like The Bat (Eudora detach attachments only, not embedded images - I mean Eudora detach them too, but place in different folder - this way when I browse “attachments” directory, I see only real attachments, not lot of small images or stuff like that). Also - Eudora has possibility to attach file ONLY while sending (this way mailboxes was always small and contains only links for files). But I bet that functionality will never be made in eM Client. It’s like some other promised features that disappears.

Point 3 - This should be not a big feature that needs full version upgrade! Attachments names you can read from message body, it’s not so difficult to index filenames too as small update, not big upgrade; and I heard about “version 8” and attachments search 2 years ago. Any beta?

Point 4 - this should not be what people want or how many people wants some feature! You’re creators and you show people what is good and useful! Years ago people don’t even imagine what they do now on their computers - and most of ideas was created by system / programs creators. The same is about tabs - Opera starts it (as far as I remember), then other browsers follow. I never heard that they wait for any users ideas or confirmations. And they for sure do not wait until hundreds of people ask for that feature. Now browser without tabs will be worst idea ever. Tabs are important - you can open many emails and easily switch them without running 5 or 10 processes / windows. If you want to wait until lot of people ask for tabs - you’ll never made it. And I think that is why eM Client has missing basic options - because not enough users was persistent to ask for them. I think lot of potential users just choose different email client.

Point 9 - how many people must vote for that easy to made feature? Look at (discontinued) Opera Mail - it works perfect. And it’s in fact very similar program (if we’re talking about usage).

Anyway - switching to eM Client (second try) in my company is again no longer considered.

Hi Peter,

I’m sorry to hear that but thank you for your suggestions anyway. You’ll find information about the upcoming version on our blog: https://www.emclient.com/blog.


"You’ll find information about the upcoming version on our blog: https://www.emclient.com/blog."

I cannnot find any information about upcoming versions under that link.

I again considering buying eM Client for office, but… damn, this program is worse and worse every missing option!

  1. What about email auto-complete? Why is not searching for all emails, but only for those I wrote before? I imported thousand of emails and auto-complete just don’t work, except for few addresses I type-in by myself.

  2. What about configuring search results / history? I search for “john” for example in sent messages and in History I see… myself! Because it shows only sender!

  3. Unable to display counters on search folders? So at least make them bold if contains unread emails!

  4. Quick search is completely wrong! I can’t even find obvious things without using special search methods. For example - I want to find all emails from big.lobster@nicedomain.com. I write “lobster” but I see no results. But hey, I can write *lobster (with “*” at the beginning) and then I see emails that was invisible before! But maybe I want to see less results? Oh, I remember that in message body was “document”. So I’m adding “document” to search field and… nothing. But wait a moment - I added text:document instead and… yes, I have result! Why? Why it can’t work easier? Just serach always everywhere like description says? “Text:” or “to:” should be optional for decreasing number of results, not for finding emails!

And these bugs are not for “we will consider and will wait for more users to vote for it”. It is something that makes everyone happy if it work! But I assume that after 2 years we’ll still be in the same place. BTW. Any programmer can answer on this forum? Ot it is only for not important, irrelevant discussion with “moral support”?

Hello Pefunk, 

I’m sorry for my misleading information. I meant that we’ll start posting information about development and planned features as soon as the release will come close.


Edit: is still pretty nice because after tested LOT of email clients, this one is one of the best (not because is very good, but because alternatives are even worse!). So is big chance that we’ll buy it, even if I don’t believe that any bugs will be fixed.

Hi Peter,

The recipient’s autocomplete is taken from the recipient’s history from Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Compose. Unfortunately, the imported emails won’t be reflected in this list.

The search engine works according to the parameters set after you click on the arrow next to it. Please note that if your IMAP messages are not downloaded, eM Client will be able to search only in headers.

    • I added your vote under this feature request.


I know how search works, but it should works better without parameters and they should be only for limit search results, not for expanding. For example if I write “email flower” it should find me an email which contains “@email.com” in sender and “flower” in message body. Unfortunatelly - it not works that way, even if its possible (Opera Mail works like I described and it’s much less complex and discontinued email client). And yes - in case of IMAP accounts, I download FULL messages with attachments, so it’s not that type of problem. I think that search improvement can be made with small update, it’s not so difficult since it’s only change the way program understand search parameters. Sometimes it looks like a bug when I can find message with two words in subject or two words in message body without any parameters, but it doesn’t work when one of word is in subject and second - in body.

Anyway, we bought few licenses and I hope that it will be more changes (not only explanation how function works, which I know).

About emails - option to collect emails to autocomplete from imported (or all) emails will be nice.

I also added another (15.) problem.

And I ask again about 7. too - I cannot copy columns configuration to search folders! I must set them manually for every new search folder! This should be easy to made.

  1. Fast grouping messages - I don’t know is it missing option or I can’t find that, but in Eudora (old email client, discontinued) and TheBat (my previous email client) I had possibility to fast group all emails with the same sender using ALT+click on message on list. Rest of messages was hide then and I see all messages grouped from this one person (in one, selected folder I just browse). Is it possible in eM Client without creating search filter or using search as well? This fast filter is really useful stuff, even better that message threads.

PS. And for everyone who think that I provide only negative feedback - no, it’s not like that. I’m just a person who doesn’t like to write what is good. I prefer to write what is wrong, because this may help improve something. eM Client is really nice, fast and has many features. Few things really should be done to make eM Client be the best email client that I’ll recommend for everyone. If I can prioritize it will be:

  • Unread emails counters in search folders
  • Search for attachment name
  • Improve search field as I described
  • Copy columns configuration from/to search folders and smart folders
  • Fast grouping messages
  • Possibility to start program with selected Search Folder open
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts actions (more than now)
  • Possibility to edit received emails OR make notes (with easy access).

Rest is really too big to expect that will be implemented (like tabs). I can live without that, even if that makes this program worse than it could be. But still - because competition is really bad (and I tested a lot of email clients - probably most of them), eM Client can be program that makes happy everyone.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for the feedback. I forwarded this list to our developers and created Feature requests for the features that were not listed yet. I hope you’ll be satisfied with version 8 when it comes as it will contain some features you requested.


Nice, thank you. I expect that SOME features may be made in simply minor update? I bought lifetime upgrade, but still - some of them are really not so difficult to made (like copy columns configuration from/to search folders and smart folders or possibility to start program with selected search folder open).

I hope that search field will be improved - after days of using eM Client, this seems to be one of most annoying bugs. Why I can’t just type “steve football” when I want to search all emails from Steve that contains “football” in message body? When I type “football” I can see result, when I type “steve” I see results, but when I want both - I must remember that “football” was written in message body and I must type “steve text:football” in search field. How can I remember where I wrote “fooball”? Maybe I wrote it in subject field? So I must write few times different versions of search to find message. It should ALWAYS search everywhere and that “subject:” or “text:” should only limit number of results if I want to be more specific.

Really - look how it works in Opera Mail. It works (program) very similar as eM Client, but search field works MUCH better (exactly what I’ve described). Please - IMPROVE that in eM Client! This is very annoying. Fast indexed search is useless if I must spend more time to figure out what I must type in search field.