Few folders empty after update to 8.2


I installed the beta version 8.2 and now I see that a few folders are completly empty, a few only contain 1-2 emails and loads of others contain all emails.

I use gmail SMTP and have a big folder structure and loads and loads of emails there.

On my gmail account they are still available.

I am not sure if I had that on 8.1 as I am using em client only for a few days.

Anyone has an idea what might cause this issue?

For issues with the beta version, please send your questions and comments to testing@emclient.com.

Yes done that as well. But as I am not completly sure if the issue was there before I would like to know if anyone had the same in the past :slight_smile:


I also use the beta version 8.2 and also have quite a large folder and subfolder structure for my emails.
So far I have absolutely no problems, all folders and all emails are there.
I think you have something else to do with it.

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Ok thanks. Did you upgrade von 8.1 or did you install 8.2 completly new and added the accounts after installing it?

Do you have more than one subfolder? So like subfolder of a subfolder of a subfolder? It seems these are the most affected.

The best way to test beta software is to do it both ways.

First, make a backup then install the latest beta over your existing application and see if there are any issues. I can tell you for free that there are.

Or, uninstall eM Client and delete your database directory. Then do a complete fresh install of the beta.

Hey Gary, Yes I know, but I was using em-client for a few days so no risk no fun :smiley:

And when I delete everything and do a fresh install, can I save my rules? I was busy creating rules the last 2 days :smiley:

You export selected items like Rules using Menu > File > Export > Export Settings to xml. Then just choose what you want to export.


This export is especially useful for testing, because you can export selected/all settings, then every time you start with a blank database, you can just import them again using Menu > File > Import > Settings.

ok cool thanks. I was just too lazy to look for it yet tbh :upside_down_face:

I will wait if support has another idea. If not I do a complete new install :slight_smile:

Hi, I switched from 8.1 to 8.2 as an update. Yes, I have a few folders with sub-folders, up to 4 sub-folders. Everything was taken over cleanly and works perfectly.
Did you update or uninstall version 8.1 first, then install version 8.2 and then import a backup?

I updated, and experienced a lot of issues.

Then I uninstalled, deleted my database, and started again with a fresh install of the beta. It worked just fine, and because all my data is synced with a server, all I did was add my email accounts. I did not import or restore anything.