[Feature] Switch to next email when mark as read

I like to see my unread emails first , so that I never forget anything (or at least try to).

However, when I mark an email as read (whether it is selected or even if it is another email, which is worse), the email moves wayyyyy down (because it is no longer “not yet read”, and it is “old”), and so does the view/panel, and therefore I have to go up all the way again (thanks ctrl+home!)

I think it would be nice (at the very least in the case of a “not yet read first” inbox) to have an automatic behavior (or even better: an option), one of the following:

  1. Keep the email in its current place, and only move it (refresh the view) when we manually switch to another email (may be tricky?)
  2. Move the email where it belongs, but keep the scroll position as it is (maybe it is the best option)

Another useful possibility would be to unselect all selected emails when “mark as read” is used. It would allow for a clean state, but it may also have side effects like “what if I wanted to perform several operations on the same batch of emails?”.

My 2 cents.

Best regards,