Feature Suggestion: Shortcut Key for Create New E-mail, Contact, etc.

I just switched from Outlook and I’m finding I’m missing these two shortcut keys I used all the time:

CTRL+SHIFT+M - New e-mail message
CTRL+SHIFT+C - New contact

I realize ALT+N triggers the New option but if I’m in the calendar and want to create a new mail message that doesn’t work (it creates an appointment instead.)


+1. I’ve also being used to Ctrl+Shift+K for new Task (coming from Outlook).

Thank you for suggestion - I have forwarded it to our developers who will consider it.

Please let me know the shortcut key for selecting next email or previous email


I see this already implemented in testing version of 6th major release, so when 6th version will come out in few weeks you will have these shortucts there and they will be editable :slight_smile: