Feature Request: View new messages in Conversation at Top (rather than bottom)

Hey guys, I find it extremely difficult to get used to this app due to all of my new messages appearing at the bottom of my conversations.  I realize this is *ONE* way that people enjoy to read their messages (i.e. Gmail) but what about the rest of us?  

I come from Mac which everyone knows (if they’re willing to admit it) is far superior from a design perspective.  As such, eM Client, please take notes!

Your eye wants to go to the top of the screen for new material, it’s how productivity flows- top down, not bottom up.  Maybe give us the option for this??

Thanks :wink:

You have my vote. I also suggested this a couple of months back at https://forum.emclient.com/emclient/topics/order-of-messages-in-conversations

i also agree !  its to time consuming to always scroll to the bottom to find the latest email !!  you could develope a switch/toggle to do either ?

You don’t need to scroll. When you open a conversation, it automatically displays the last message.