Feature Request: Simple Document Management

Hello. I think you have a FANTASTIC product! Here is what I think will catapult you above everything out there: simple document management–I mean really simple.

I would love to be able to associate (maybe the word is “link”) documents on the hard drive in their native directories to contacts, tasks or calendar events. As it is now, docs can apparently be attached to these things, but there is no useful information present, i.e. size of file, date, etc. as would be visible in any file explorer. This would be very helpful in something like basic CRM or case management.

I am an attorney. I have spent MONTHS looking around for a simple solution to this and have found nothing that is simple but comprehensive, robust (fast) and STABLE, and doesn’t look like cousin Jim programmed this in the tool shed out back.

Thank you.

It looks like a complicated feature but I added it to our feature requests list.