Feature Request: Send emails without downloading incoming emails

I would like eMClient to develop a feature whereby I can send emails without receiving new incoming emails. Incoming emails always distract me and I prefer to process them in batches. However, I often need to send an email quickly that someone is waiting to receive, and I’d like to be able to send such emails without receiving new ones. 

I can think of two possible ways to develop features in such a way that would accomplish my goal:

  1. Develop a “Pause Inbox” function similar to Boomerang’s “Inbox Pause.” This feature as I imagine it would allow you to click a “Pause” button in email client which pauses all incoming emails but not outgoing emails. 

  2. When using the existing “work offline” feature, allow users to click “refresh-send all” and force all message in the outbox send without receiving new emails. (I tested this method, and right now if you are in offline mode and click “refresh-send all,” it takes you out of offline mode and new messages are received as well as sent). 

Thanks for considering!

Well, if your account is setup as IMAP, it is permanently connected to the server. Rather you can use POP3 and disable scheduled downloads. That way eM Client will only download when you do it manually, but sending messages will still happen immediately.

Thanks for the good idea! What you say is true, but unfortunately I do need to use imap in order to keep everything synced on multiple devices. So I’m looking for a solution that works with imap!

Actually there is a type of IMAP that allows an interval sync with the server, much like POP3. That protocol relies on the email client asking the server for changes at the time you specify. So like POP3, you can disable automatic syncing.

Unfortunately that type of IMAP is not supported by eM Client. It only supports IDLE IMAP, which relies on the server sending change notifications to the client.

Thanks for the info. Hopefully the other type of IMAP will be supported by eMClient in the future.

I doubt it. I think it is an older format that is no longer implemented on most servers. :slight_smile: