Feature request: Search by attachment name

About a year ago someone from tech support wrote that this was on the “to do” list. It would be an incredibly helpful feature, and it can’t arrive soon enough for me. I’d be grateful if you’d give it further consideration. Thank you.

Hi, if you right click the sender of the email/attachment, you can select “Attachment history” and browse and filter the attachments from this sender/recipient.

Hope this helps,

Thanks, Paul. This does help when I know the sender and the attachment is fairly recent and I’m willing to wait through the slow process of rendering the list, etc. Here’s another scenario: yesterday I wanted to find a mail. I knew that I’d attached a document, and I knew its name, I knew it was about a year or so ago, and that’s all I knew. Finding that mail via the attachment name would have been fantastic. I hope it can become a feature. Thanks again.

Hi again, thank you for the suggestion, we’ll consider making these changes in future releases.
Thank you for pointing this out,

Hi, I also think that searching by everything should include attachment name, did you consider implementing this?
Also, you could steal a great little thing from apple mail, when you select a mail the conversation is automaticly highlighted :wink:
Great app btw, love it!

As I see, three years ago you thanked for suggestion and write that you’ll consider making these changes in future releases. Well, now is that future - and where is search by attachment’s name?

Unfortunately, the key word here is “consider”.  eM Client, like any company, has limited resources to allocate.  Therefore they must prioritize based on customer demand.  Keep requesting and maybe someday…

Jay, I am wondering why this idea is marked as implemented. Maybe it is included in the next major release?

Hmm, good question.  I tried it today and it didn’t work.  I wonder if the original answer by Paul was considered the “implementation?”  Kinda weak.