Feature request: Please add a convert function between email, calendar and tasks

Hello eM Client Developers,

I have a feature request: Please add the following feature:
convert EMAIL to CALENDAR-event
convert EMAIL to TASK

convert TASK to CALENDAR-event
convert TASK to EMAIL

convert CALENDAR-event to EMAIL
convert CALENDAR-event to TASK

inspired by: Thunderbird Lightning

Info: The developers consider features that the users ask for the most so if you appreciate this idea, leave a comment below, please


The first two you can already do by right-click on a message.

If you want to send someone a task or event, you can either add them as attendees, or export the item and email it to them. If you convert an event to a message in Thunderbird, all it does is create a new message using the title from the event or task as the subject of the message. It does not include the event details like attendees, date and time etc.

Hi Gary,

thank you for your information.