Feature Request - Paste as Quote and Paste without Formatting

I am a recent paid convert from a long time Thunderbird user and so far EM Client has been a great replacement. I frequently use pictures and send links in my emails and using those are now simpler one click processes.

One thing I miss from Thunderbird are two features under the context menu, the first is
* “Paste as Quote” - which looks like this:

  • Pretty self explanatory; allows you to paste quotes from the included email for better clarity.
    * “Paste without Formatting” - This already exists under the edit menu as “Paste as Text” but it would be nice to have it under the context menu.



PS. This editor for entering forum messages is pretty clunky: can’t resize the window, no HTML controls, no post review, etc.

Oh, same short cut key would be nice too:


Unfortunately this feature is not planned at the moment, we have to focus on features requested by more users.


The paste as text on the context menu was added in the latest version of EM Client (6.0.19861.0), Awesome!

And a shortcut key was added - CTRL-SHIFT-V
Super happy I bought the full version plus lifetime upgrades.

Would still like the “Paste as Quote” feature.

You are welcome :slight_smile: