Feature request: Nicknames

I’ve been using nicknames in all kinds of mail applications for years. I’d like to see the feature in eM Client. It allows one to assign a nickname, just a letter or two, to any number of addresses. So for example, I always need to make sure that my mail hits two different mail accounts for one colleague of mine because the two boxes are on two systems, and one’s a little sketchy. So I need only type his nickname, and those two addresses automatically pop into the address or cc: field. With eM Client the process is multi-step and prone to error. Nicknames are quick and sure. Thanks!


at this moment this feature is not planned, but if enough users will upvote this then we will consider it.


Let me emphasize the speed issue. In any client that uses nicknames I can type the four (4) letters of my wife’s name, hit enter, and I’m done. With eM Client I type those four letters and wait two seconds for eM Client to “recall” a previous use of that address, then I can highlight and hit enter. The few seconds difference doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re answering 100 emails you DO notice it.

I see, by this description is sounds good and useful, but as I have written before we have to focus on features requested by more people.

Anyway you have made great point about usefulness :slight_smile: