Feature request: intuitive folder selection when filling emails

I love that eM has the same kbd shortcuts as Outlook :-). One that I often use is SHIFT VRL V to file emails in a folder. I also love that it is easier to type folder names than Classic or New Outlook. My suggestion is the following: when I type a folder name (in screen shot example: “admin”) it should allow me to navigate with the up/down arrows to select which folder I want and as with screen shot example if only one match exist, it should select it automatically. As it is now, I must you my mouse to click on proper folder.

After creating the folder, try pressing the “Tab key one or two times” which might then allow you to use the Up & Down arrows in the window.

The Tab key works in other parts of eM Client moving between the panels in combination with the Up & Down keys so might work there too.

If the Tab key still doesn’t allow you to use the Up & Down arrows in the window, put that suggestion on the Sleekplan Share Ideas and Voting page.