Feature request: Add quote level/paste text as quotation

Unless I’m missing it, I can’t add/remove a quote level to text with eM Client, or paste text as a quotation. If you need an explanation of this, please tell me, but the latter is an obvious one - it’s in all word processors. These are really essential tools when composing mail that pulls in information from other mails and text sources. You need to be able to set off text to indicate that you’re quoting it somehow. On the other hand, mail frequently arrives with one or more vertical lines setting off text as quoted, and often you want to reuse that quoted text as original. In such cases it would be a benefit to be able to strip off the quote levels. Thanks.


This feature is not planned at this moment or in foreseeable future. But of course we can discuss it if people will show interest in this feature.


Realise this was 6 months ago… but I was just about to suggest this as well…
it’s something I used a lot in Thunderbird, my previous email client.

definitely something I’m interested in!

…and yet another six months later, I have come looking for it.  I also used it a lot - in Eudora.

lately - I’ve been doing this:

If the quote I want to make is from an email.
I hit reply to the email - which makes the entire email quoted.
I then copy the bit i want to quote to the point where the email is no longer quoted.
I then paste it into the actual email I want and remove the quoted parts I didn’t want.
this is a horrible system.

Another way to this is with html
Right click when composing in the email body
Insert > HTML

Hi there!

This will produce a quote like block of text.
This is also an annoying way to do it.

I sincerely hope this is put in some time soon - it’s essential for me before I would ever even consider purchasing the product.

without the indent - you can use a basic div:

Hi there!

Thanks.  Very ugly, but it works…