Feature Re-request: Setting a IMAP-Root-Folder in Google-Setup to hide the folder “[Google Mail]” and move its subfolders one up

As requested two years before (https://discourse.emclient.com/emclient/to…) there’s need to provide an imap account setting like its known from Outlook, Windows Live Mail and many other clients: „IMAP root folder“.

Without it, a Google account looks in eM Client 4 still like this:

[Google Mail]

  • Sent
  • Drafts
  • Trash
  • (etc)

Should be (like in other programs that have that kind of root folder setting):


Yes, this is absolutely necessary and long overdue.

I agree, really missing this feature. Too bad this post is from almost a year ago and nobody from eM replied yet :frowning:

It has been already implemented - can you confirm that?

Setup detects Google and sets the special IMAP-Folders to “[GMAIL]/Sent“ instead of “Sent”. So far, so good.

But other than special folders do not work that way.

I my case I was stuck with the Google changes from googlemail.com to gmail.com and had both types of folders (legacy: [Google Mail]/, newer: [Gmail]/). That didn’t work so I had to manually create a label [Google Mail] and move the subfolders of [Gmail] there.

As far as I have tested it eM Client needs to handle both types of prefixes on a global basis instead of handling only one ore the other.

I can’t confirm, because you didn’t tell me where I can change this setting and I can’t find it anywhere…

I fixed this by renaming all subfolders from [Gmail]/subfolder to Inbox/subfolder.