Feature Addition to Mail

The non standard folders you use in your email show up under a “More” category. It needs to be possible to make More automatically show folders when you open eM client. Otherwise when you want to save mail to one of your folders you cant just drag emails from the inbox to those folders. You have to click the More category which auto opens the first folder under it so you have to go back and again seletct the inbox , then the mail you want to move. Version 7 always showed all folders in your mail without putting some in a More categoy.

You may already know abut this, but just in case…

Any of the folders that reside under “More” can be made to show under your Email Account by right-clicking the folder and selecting “SHOW”. And they will display whenever you start eM Client.

I have all folders that reside under “MORE” set to “Show if unread”. That way I see all unread folders up top without hunting for unread messages.

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