Favorite Folders

I am longtime TB user, loving eMClient…

I did like TB’s ability to designate certain folders as “Favorites” and only display them in left-hand pane. Keeps the view much cleaner and easy to navigate.

Any chance of a similar feature in eMC?

An alternative would be the ability to hide folders from the normal view.

The advantage of the Favorite approach (IMO) is the ability to toggle them all off or on at once.

I have just migrated to eMClient from Outlook and find myself missing just 1 thing so far - and this is effectively what you are asking for - FAVORITES

With Outlook there was a toolbar icon to show a smallish number of recently used folders which you could save to but with eMClient I have only the option to navigate my entire list of folders - a “Favorites” feature would do the trick so I second what David is asking about

Any thoughts from eMCLient staff on whether this is likely, possible, unlikely?

Thank you for the suggestion. We will discuss it and consider implementing of this feature.

we decided to implement it so you can expect it in one of the next versions.

I look forward to that - good to see such a positive response!

I’m with this guy - missing the favourite folders with the ability to rename them enormously. Right click, add to favourites then you can also rename it - so if I have 5 inboxes they can all be renamed with friendly names to help organise myself too.

I’m all hopeful for this one feature.

I completely am for this suggestion: favourite folders.

Right now, dragging into Local Folders, when you have many, is very painful as you can only see a few in the tree and scrolling there happens WAY too fast so I keep overshooting the folder where I want to drag to.

Same here. I just started using eM Client. I am loving it so far except for the glaring issue of not being able to have a favorites folder. Any update on when this feature might be available?

I am sorry but I cannot tell you any exact time frame when it will be implemented.

I am a former outlook user who would really appreciate the favorites folder feature as well.

ditto, would like favorites


We are currently thinking about this, until it will be added you can use “Smart folders” instead.


Hi John,

I am testing Emclient and am also missing favorites folders. I now have setup up 2 smart folders that point to the inbox of 2 IMAP accounts. 1 thing that works nicely in Outlook favorites and does not work in smart folders is that when clicking NEW email it will always use the default email address as sender and it does not use the email address of the inbox you are currently working from.
Is there a setting for that or is that currently not possible?




you can setup search folders - it will do same job as favorite folders (click on little gray arrow in search filed - create search folder).



As you can see in my post I already did setup 2 smart folders. I want to know if Emclient can dynamically switch the sender address based on which smartfolder I am in when I click New email.


No, eM Client can’t switch automatically between sender email address based on smart folder, and it is not planned in the future as we now focus on another requested features.


Speaking of which, is an update due any time soon? I’m a em pro user (via SoftMaker office) and haven’t seen any updates for as long as I’ve registered it.


there are planned last 5 update soon and after this release of 6th version. But I can’t tell you more exact time than few week for both (5th of course sooner).


Can we expect favorite folders in version 6?