Favorite folders with unread counter needed!

Hi there,

so i’m using version 5.0.19406.0 and configured six search folders wich point to several folders in different imap accounts. Now the point is, that im usually used one of these folders as inbox for new online-shop orders. In outlook i had the possibility to use fav folders to do that. So there was a counter for the unread mails, and i could see the new orders, customers and car payments in one view. Now i have these search folders wich have a counter for unread mails wich is not counting (only after a restart of emclient it’s refreshing). I really miss the fav folders wich were all time up to date.

For me the requested functions are:

  • real time counter for unread mails for the search folders
  • no need to activate local or smart folders
  • sum up - a behaviour like the fav folders in outlook

Reason for this is, i have rules on imap-server side wich are redirecting mails directly to the corresponding folders. So i want to have a overwiev whats going on, on these folders in one view.

by the way i already bought 3 lifetime licences… :slight_smile:

I am putting this idea to “under consideration” because it sounds very useful and it will make search folders function fully as favorites.


Just want to add that I agree with this. Using search folders as surrogates for Outlook favorites folders is little use to me if they don’t show unread counts.

Where is consideration for this feature at? I’ve seen requests going back years.

I was just told by our CEO that we could not switch to EM client because there are no counters when using the search folders which makes them useless as Favorites like Outlook. Why is there so much resistance for this feature? Especially as this feature request goes back years?

Any hope in getting this done?  Or Favorites?  I am trying to switch to EM from Outlook, and this is a big missing piece.

This is literally the only feature stopping me from moving our company from Outlook over to eM Client. People need favorite folders that at least allow you to drag messages into them to move the message, and preferably show proper unread counters. Having to traverse a large folder tree (and scroll down to the appropriate account for users with several accounts) to move a message into a commonly used folder isn’t acceptable for our users.

Please consider implementing proper favorite folders support in an upcoming version. I want so much to get everyone off of Outlook, and eM Client is by far the closest client to providing the features needed to do so, but this one last piece is halting the migration.

Search Folders is a decent work-around except that it does not display an unread count.

Actually, search folders do not work well with Gmail accounts.  If you try to move a message out of a search folder, it won’t get moved.  It will get linked into the destination folder, but it will not be moved out of the originating folder.

Not having favorites  is a show stopper. It is a must have to manage large mailboxes. I don’t understand why this relatively simple function was never implemented.

Is this still a feature under consideration?  I’m trying to move away from Outlook and I really need the ability to see the unread counts on search folders (that I’m setting up to mimic Outlook favorites).

Favorite Folders are live in the emClient 8 beta.  They don’t have an unread counter, but are otherwise working well for me.

UnRead counter is solved in latest beta.

What build?  Unread is broken for me in build 1612 for Gmail accounts.  It’s working great for standard IMAP acocunts.

Oops Sorry Marc, I hadn’t read the post completely. I use IMAP and so was referring to that. My apologies.