Favorite Folders Display

The new favorite folders is very cool but it doesn’t update with new emails. It just keeps saying there is one new email in my ‘Inbox’ but down below under my email address it says I have 13 new emails.

The favorite folders don’t update and show new emails… is this correct?

There were some issues in the beta with the read counts not being refreshed. Even after the full release on Monday, the same thing occasionally happened. Incidentally, there was a service release for version 8 also released yesterday. If you aren’t using it, you can download and install from the Release History and see if there is any difference.

I already opened a support ticket about this, so let’s see what happens.


I am already using 8.0.2703, it was the version I updated to from 7.xxx

I updated to the newest version 8.0.2751 and this still isn’t fixed? Any ideas when this new feature will work properly?

Experiencing the same

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Thank you for the link to Release History versions. I wasn’t aware of that page, but I now have it bookmarked.

I updated to the latest version (currently 8.0.3385), and it still has this incorrect count problem.


I am using a preview of version 8.1 and I still get false unread counts on my Inbox. ;-(