false number of unread messages

One of my mail subfolders claims that I have unread messages in it but it’s not true. I tried select all messages as read for folder, didn’t work. The problem started 2 days ago. My version: eM Client 4.0.15145.0. What logs do you need (IMAP or all net communication)?

In the first place open the folder Unread in Global folders to see, if there are any messages. If the folder is empty, send us your IMAP logs. Thank you.

I sent them to support@emclient.com.

And no idea so far? The problem is still there… I recreated subfolder again (as google label for filtering) and it is the same.

Today it went away so it was probably google problem.


Messages that I send sometimes show up as unread in GMail, and not just here in eM Client. On my Android phone, a message sent out from eM Client will show up in the unread list with my own name in bold. This is a problem I’ve had only with eM Client, so I don’t think it’s a Google problem.

I don’t know whether this is associated with that problem, but yesterday and today I’m getting a lot of error messages saying the program failed to connect with the server. I’ve checked my settings several times, comparing them with what GMail shows in the settings instruction page, and everything appears to be fine.

I have same problem - program shows me, that there is an unread message in my inbox - even if I delete all messages from that folder. It is gmail account. What is wrong? Can you help me? I want to buy pro licence, but the program is not working well so far… :frowning: