False advertising?

The website says: “Support for ICQ, MSN, Facebook chat, Yahoo chat, AOL and others” but I don’t see any way to set these up? My chat panel says “No chat accounts exist” how do I add chat accounts?

This is no false advertising. You need to read the manual. You need to create a jabber-account. Search google for servers.

I understand and have read the manual, the problem here seems like the oh so common disconnect between developer and user. To a developer it’s easy and true to say it “supports” all of those things when in reality all it supports is Jabber which in turn has workarounds and ways of supporting those things.

To a user (me) the expectation is that I’ll be able to directly set up my IM accounts and be good to go (like with Pidgin, Digsby, etc) not have to read a manual, find a server somewhere and have initimate knowledge of “transports” and other things.

Basically the point is this: if you promote and advertise that your product does something, and only tech saavy people can “enable” it… then it doesn’t “really” do it. Imagine saying “Photoshop supports JPEG files, BUT you have to first download and compile a jpeg codec, google to find one” that just doesn’t fly.

Yes, currently you will need to register at some jabber server with transports (list of couple of them is at e.g. http://www.jabberes.org/servers/) and then set the transport of the account in menu Instant Messaging->Service Discovery / Transport Registration. Currently we directly support only Facebook and Google chat and we will consider support of other protocols in the future.

Wow, that’s fantastic! Jabbering, servers, transports…

Casey is right. You shouldn’t have to jump through crappy hoops like this just to enable Facebook chat. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like to sync calendars and contacts with Google.

Back to Thunderbird or Alpine for me.