Failure to Launch client even after reinstall

Network drive housed shared email database.  NAS had to be shut down and brought back up.  IP address of drive changed in the process.  Running eM Client throws this error with no offer to change anything.  Uninstalling and reinstalling the app (which should be clean slate) results in the same thing.  Why, after reinstall, does the program continue to look for a non-existent network name?  

The uninstall routine does not delete the data files, which include configurations.  To do a clean install, delete the following (hidden) directory:

c:\users[user_name]\App data\Roaming\eM Client (you can rename it if there is data you need to access).

There actually is no need to uninstall, as deleting this directory will create a new database when eM Client is restarted.

Also, you can change the location of the database in eM Client by going to menu/tools/settings/general/storage

Is it possible that the network share name changed, or that you no longer have permissions on that folder? 

But as Jay commented above, you can change it in Settings. So just do that and point to the share again.

Problem was that the network location of the database had changed and I had no way of changing that within the program as it WOULD NOT LAUNCH << bug.  Also, uninstalling/reinstalling left the original registry entry, calling out the location of the database, unchanged << bug
Changed this registry key to the new path of the network location and PRESTO-FIXO!

Thanks for your help… fix posted below

Thanks for your help… fix posted below

Glad it worked out for you!

Thanks for the registry info,

One thing though, if the network location is not available, you should get an error message, but then eM Client opens with a blank database in which you can then change the location in settings. After changing the location, you simply restart eM Client for it to take effect. 

Too late now I suppose, but it would be interesting to know what the error was that prevented you from opening eM Client.

I have noticed that many applications leave settings behind in the registry. To achieve cleaner uninstalls, utilities like Revo are very useful.

There’s got to be a difference in how the program handles a missing network address vs a mapped drive location.  I was expecting behavior like you show above.   You could change your DB location in the registry to a non-existent \server location and see exactly what it does.  Thx for the tip on Revo.

That is what I did to test eM Client’s behaviour. I setup eM Client to use a NAS storage location. Then I changed the registry value by altering one character in the network address. I think maybe there is something else at play. It might be different versions of eM Client. This was tested on 7.1.32088, but I recall having seen the same on earlier versions, so maybe that is not it.

Anyway, your solution is very useful, certainly quicker than doing a complete reinstall.