Failure to export contacts in EM Client

I am trying to export my email contacts from EM Client to a backup drive, exporting as a single vcf file.  However, the software locks up with the message …preparing and does nothing.  Is this a known problem and how do I resolve it?

Can you close eM Client and run C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client\ DbRepair.exe

Then try the export again.

Sorry for the delaying in replying.  I have run the DbRepair.exe and it indicates all is good.  I have then run the export contacts routine and get the same result as the screen shot before.  It simply says Exporting to file - Preparing.  After 2 hours it is still saying the same thing.

These are online contacts, or Local Folder contacts?

The contacts are locally held in my computer.

Can you try something:

Go to Menu > Tools > Settings > General, and make sure that Show local folders is selected. Then create a new contacts folder under Local Folders.

Copy a few of your existing contacts to that folder, then go to that folder and export those few contacts and see what happens.

I notice that all my contacts are in a contacts folder under a local folder.  When I highlighted this in the export process it worked fine.  This leaves me with the comment that perhaps the software could be enhanced with an error message saying “there are no contacts in this folder”, when you highlight the wrong contacts folder rather than locking up and doing nothing.
  Thank your for your time in resolving this issue